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Single sign on from a Linux based web-portal?

Hi folks,

I have a customer who are thinking of incorporating Qlikview into their web-portal, just as an add-on feature to the other web-pages on their portal.

Users are logging in to the web-portal.

The eveery user belongs to a company that have bought access to this web-portal.

It will be an extranet-solution.

The web-portal is deployed on a Linux-system.

Qlikview has to be on a Windows-machine. The Qlikview-licenses are limited to a number of sessions.

There will be one Qlikview-document which is reduced on the different companies. The users must only see their company's Qlikview-app (reduced from the big one).

The usernames and pwd (hashed) are stored in the DB (MySQL).

When users are logged in they get a session-ID valid for a limited time.

It is a requirement that when the users are logged in to the portal they shall be able to open their Qlikview-app without logging in again.

How do I ensure single-sign-on in this case?



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Re: Single sign on from a Linux based web-portal?

For the completeness of this forum:

I think I found something here:



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Re: Single sign on from a Linux based web-portal?


Just to let you know, my blog has moved so the post above can now be found here: http://www.infinityinsight.com/blog/?p=157



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