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Hi all,

We a qlikview server environment where our accesspoint is too slow and also the QEMC is very slow. How can I speed up the performance in QEMC? Would a restart of server help? We cannot afford regular restarts of QV server so is there any thing or any configuration that is clogging up our QEMC? Or is there any configuratio that needs to be unchecked or checked in QEMC to speed it up? WHAT ARE THE FACTORS THAT MAKES QEMC SLOWDOWN ? We have a QV10 SR3 with 16 core processor Build#10.0.9 .

Secondly, Our distribution services need restart every night to freeup the cache. Why is this? should it not free up once the task is done with? It is always in 70% consumed in the end of the day whilst it should free up once the task is done reloading isnt it? How can we resolve this?

Please help asap .



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Re: Slow QEMC

In my case, I solved it, starting qds services with an user with administrative privileges on the server, not on the domain.

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