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Slow loading data

I have a QVW which loads very slow manually (A few Hours with not much data) whe i load this document on the server (with the same user) te data is loaded in a few minutes. Anyone an idea, what the problem can be ?

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Slow loading data


As simple as that Upgrade your RAM.

Might be you have less ram on your local P.C. compare to that of server.

Also make a note that 64 bit's P.C's performs more effeciently then 32 bit PC

That could be one of the factor

Hope that helps



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Slow loading data

Also check the network connectivity difference as well from your PC to database vs server to database. In other words, geographical location of your database, server and PC could come into play.



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Slow loading data

I work on the server. So the environment is exactly the same. The dfference is :

1. I start it by Qlikview Management Console a scheduled task (very fast)

2. I start Qlikview Desktop on t he server and load it with CTRL-R (very slow)

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Slow loading data


On local PC it loads *.csv = lots of big files, and connects to database

On server there is not a single CSV file. And the database connect fails.

So server task finishes waaay faster. But it is loading something else :-).


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Re: Slow loading data

Hi Francis:

In my case, I solved it!, starting qv distribution services with an user with administrative privileges on the server, not on the domain.

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