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Sorting/Display of Straight Table

I have a straight table that displays correctly for some and incorrectly for others.

The table is designed to display the top 20 customer based on the previous years sales.  It has worked properly in the past but started sorting incorrectly when a new column was added.  The table does not allow interactive sorts and sorts on by previous years sales in descending order. The new column is not used for sorting purposes. The table display properly for about half of the users and incorrectly for the other half. Does not seem to matter it we are viewing in IE or Chrome. 

We are current running Qlikview version 11.20 SR5

Any idea on what would cause this?


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Re: Sorting/Display of Straight Table

Maybe over the time or through the changes on the table occur invalid values (within the chart or in the sorting-expression) so that the sorting will be ignored. Another point might be your used release which is quite old - since then there was many bugfixes. Further happens this behaviour also within the desktop-client?

- Marcus

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