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Standby memory

Hi all,

I've a question concerning how QlikView server work with memory.
I've read a lot of Qlik documentations concerning the Server scalability, Architecture and system resources, Qix engine memory management, etc ... but still have questions.

I've remark that Qlik generate a lot of Standby memory on my server and don't use so much In Use memory.

Is the QlikView cache stored in the In Use memory, in the Standby memory, in both ?

In this case (very low Free memory, lots of Stanby memory), should I consider to add more RAM on this server ?

Thanks for reading my post.



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Hi Julien,

I believe you are referring to the memory reservations QlikView makes in system memory - the Low Working Set and High Working Set configurations in QMC > System > Setup > QlikView Server > QVS@ > Performance tab?

The Low Working Set is the threshold at which QlikView will continue to cache results, not attempting to purge these cached results, until the threshold is breached. Have you experienced unplanned QVS restarts and seen warnings in the QVS Events log referring to virtual memory? If not, then I don't believe you would need to add more memory RAM at this time (Although, more RAM wouldn't hurt anything either ).

Hope this helps,


Sr. Technical Support Engineer with Qlik Support

Hi Chip,

Thx for you reply.

I haven't no QVS errors linked to memory usage. I just want to understand something.

Referring to the memory chart displayed in Windows Resource Monitor, there is "In Use", "Stand By" and "Free" memory.

My question : is QV used & cached memory displayed in "in use" memory (in windows resource monitor), or QV used memory is displayed in "in use" and cached in "StandBy" ?