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Store QVD File Or Buffer Load

I can not choose between Store QVD File  Or Buffer Load

Please Help Me.

I am confused.

Both files are stored QlikView File.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Buffer :


Store :


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MVP & Luminary

Re: Store QVD File Or Buffer Load

You could find an answer in the help by buffer. In short buffer stored qvd's have a temporary character for a certain app and normal stored qvd's are a method to store data in a long term.

- Marcus

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Re: Store QVD File Or Buffer Load

Hi, if you're still looking for an answer have a look at this video:


Hope it helps even if it's been a while since you post this.

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Re: Store QVD File Or Buffer Load

Actually, you can mimic a Buffer LOAD in your script yourself by creativelly writing, checking and reading your own QVDs. As Marcus explained, your own code offers more flexibility and a solution in the long term (and for multiple documents at the same time, meaning that you have to update your QVDs only once to have multiple QVWs use them next).

A Buffer load is shorter (less typing) and transparant, but cannot be applied to every situtation like a STORE can.