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Strange macro issue with SR 4

After upgrading our QlikView servers from 9.0.7320.7 to SR 4 we are now observing a strange issue with one of our document..

Due to some limitations with bookmarks, we have implemented custom bookmarking feature. It will be hard for me to explain all that logic in detail.. but in short, on click/change of a listbox, I am calling a macro that has few lines of code.. the line where we are currently experiencing an issue is like this --

ActiveDocument.Fields("TEAM_LEVEL_1_ID").SelectValues ActiveDocument.Fields("TEAM_LEVEL_1_VIEW_ID").GetPossibleValues(500)

Both TEAM_LEVEL_1_ID & TEAM_LEVEL_1_VIEW_ID has integer datatype. All possible values of TEAM_LEVEL_1_VIEW_ID are present in TEAM_LEVEL_1_ID. Based on listbox selection, the possible values are being selected in TEAM_LEVEL_1_ID.

However, in some cases, the macro does not select select corresponding values of TEAM_LEVEL_1_VIEW_ID into TEAM_LEVEL_1_ID. It just clears out everything. I put alert to ensure that TEAM_LEVEL_1_VIEW_ID has about 15 possible values which are all present in TEAM_LEVEL_1_ID and should be selected.

It was working with 9.0.7320.7 but not anymore in SR 4 !!

Would appreciate any help/suggestions...

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