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SubStringCount(Concat Question


I have a problem with my  SubStringCount(Concat conditional option in my table.

Right now im using:

LOAD * INLINE [dimension_1,dimension_flag


Date, 2



LOAD * INLINE [Parameter_1, Parameter_flag

Budget, A

Tax, B


In my script to determine what dimensions and expressions I want to show/hide in my table.

The problem i'm running into is that whenever I use 10 as a dimension_flag: 10, 1, and 0 get selected in my table. Is there any way how I can add more than 10 dimensions without causing this problem?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: SubStringCount(Concat Question

You can do a few things here:

- replace numbers with letters, and you will be able to add many more dimensions.

- or, used 2-digit numbers:

   instead of 1 or 2, search for '01', '02', etc...

this way. you can have up to 99 dimensions.


Oleg Troyansky

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Re: SubStringCount(Concat Question

Thank you Oleg,

That worked.