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Task failure with no script error

Hi all,

two questions please, both related to QVS task failure

1. every once in a while i suffer from a task running and ends with no error at the script, also the document ia saved properly and can be accessed through the access point BUT at the QMC Status tab i get a failure indication (plus notification about the failure...) - how come? what could be the reason?

2. every once in a while i suffer from another phenomena where a QVS task is running and all of a sudden fails, with no reason. the script at this point just ends with error or script ending etc. like someone just catted the script and that's it.

(*) I've set a user defined performance monitor over the hosting machine. at the first case appearance there was a relatively high RAM usage but nothing too serious (~68 GB available), what i did notice is the high % Processor time (95-100%) at the failure time. at the second case there was nothing suspicious from RAM and CPU point of view.

what we do at the second case is extracting data from SAP. basis provided me the attached screen shot but i don't know what to do with it.

please assist

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Re: Task failure with no script error

Hi Shay,

Regarding your first intermittent task failure, could you post the task log? Does the task fail in the same spot in the load script each time, or is does task fail in random spots?

Regarding the second intermittent task failure, is there an error in the task log? In the SAP connector log? If so, can you post them?

Also, suggest you reach out to Qlik Support for further assistance in troubleshooting these intermittent task failures.


Sr. Technical Support Engineer with Qlik Support
Contributor III

Re: Task failure with no script error

Hi Shay,

First one we have to check log file, can post log file.

and 2nd one you said all Tasks got failed better to check log is there any network issue.



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