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Translate Crystal report code to Qlikview code


Got a Crystal report and want to use Qlikview instead of it. Below the code. Unfortunately I cannot paste it directly [Smiley Sad]

Does anybode know how to translate it into Qlikview language?

If {table1.pr_type} = 'Days'
Then {table2.Production} - {table2.nonTA}
Else (If {table1.pr_type} = 'Halfdays' Then {table2.Production} - {table2.Correction} Else {table2.Production}/ 60)


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Translate Crystal report code to Qlikview code

I understand the piece of code you want to translate is inside an expression. You can use the syntax: If(condition,expression,else_expression). When translated, your code looks as below:

If(table1.pr_type = 'Days',table2.Production - table2.nonTA,If(table1.pr_type = 'Halfdays',table2.Production - table2.Correction,table2.Production/ 60))

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