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Trigger QVW Reload

Good Morning---

I am trying to find a way to trigger my QVWs to reload after the QVD’s have finished their reload.  The jobs are run on separate servers.  I have tried to add the folder where the QVWs are located to the QVD QEMC.  However when I do this the Pre Load settings carry over and it boggs down the server.  Is there any way to trigger the QVW reload after the source QVDs have reloaded?


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Trigger QVW Reload

On my project, we have 2 qvw:

- one which includes only the script to load the QVDs

- one for the document

On the QEMC, we created 2 tasks and defined a trigger for the reload of the document which is Start on Successfull of the task which reload the QVDs.

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Trigger QVW Reload

Do you have publisher installed on each server?

If so, you could create an external program task on the first server, that is dependant on the QVD load task.  This external program then would call an External Event Trigger for the second document loaded on the other server.

Good luck,


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Trigger QVW Reload

Thanks Benjamin,

This worked but what we found is that we had to have our Pre Load settings set to Never or it bogged down the server. 

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Trigger QVW Reload

Would the Command line statement be:

Execute FilePath \FileName.qvw

Or is there a Reload Comand?


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Trigger QVW Reload

What do you mean by "it bogged down the server" ?

Are the two tasks working independantly ?

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