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Triggering OnActivateSheet action by a document triggers

Dear Qlik community,

I am working currently on the project where I have implemented a navigation between Sheets by a Search Object.

It is a simple structure where user is choosing the view (sheet) he want to show in the Search Object, each change is triggering a field event action Activate Sheet, which depending on Client selection, is navigating to the requested view (sheet).

It is working very well, however when I want to implement additional actions on a Sheet level (OnActivateSheet, OnLeaveSheet) they are not triggered when document trigger is navigating between sheets.

Please find the attached example, plese select the quater in the search box which will navigate through the sheets. There is an event OnActivateSheet for each sheet which should update value in the Text Box to 'Triggered' (at the beginning it is saying 'Not Triggered'. However if you will move between Sheets manually the OnActivateSheet will work fine.

I think this is a Qlik limitation, but maybe you know some workaround how to deal with it in Qlik ? My aim in the project was to implement an event OnLeaveSheet where one of the field is cleared when leaving only one particular Sheet.

Thank you in advance for your help,