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Trying to organize tables in a sheet


I'm relative new in Qlikview, and one of the sheets that i'm working, have 3 tables.

The second one, have variable data: depending the numbers of days in filter, that table have more ou less data.

Well, i'm trying to organize the tables, to always have them organize. The third table, 50 pixels under the second, and the second, 50 pixels under the first.

With fixed data, is easy. In the proprieties of the tables, i can do that.

With macro too, using the function positionbox.

But with variable data, I can't do it.

I've seeing the community, and i have to calculate the "visible area" of a table, and calculate the position of the tables with positionbox in macro. But, I don't found a way to find this "visible area".

In my last try, i've calculate the number of lines in table, using "=count(Distinct(test))", and set this to a variable.

But how can I use this variable in macro?

I've tried in macro:

     set VaribleInMacro = ActiveDocumento.Variables ("variable")


     set VaribleInMacro = ActiveDocumento.Variables ("variable").GetContent.int


     set VaribleInMacro = variable


     set VaribleInMacro = $variable

And no one worked.

Any solutions?