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Unable to Copy Objects or Share Bookmarks in Server

When we access a qvw that is on a cloud server from our side via IE Plugin, we are able to copy objects and share bookmarks as normal. However, when our client accesses the same document with their own account, they are unable to copy objects. When they try to share a bookmark, they will click the "share" box, hit OK or whatever you need to do from that screen, and it will not share. When they go back into the bookmarks dialog, the box that they clicked a second ago is no longer clicked (the selection did not "stick") and the object is not shared. Furthermore, when we share a server object with them and walk them through pulling it down on their end, it does not work properly. I think they can see it but when they try to pull it down nothing happens. We can pull it down with a different account on our end using the same method.

Different accounts seem to have different capabilities which doesn't make sense to me. From the publisher side, we seemingly only give accounts access, and don't change any other settings. I don't even know how you would restrict those options to copy or share bookmarks. Does anyone else? I don't think we have any section access limitations either.

Does anyone know what is happening here? Sound familiar to anyone?

Thanks a lot.

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Unable to Copy Objects or Share Bookmarks in Server

any one ??

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Unable to Copy Objects or Share Bookmarks in Server

Step1 Smiley Surprisedpen QVW application

Step 2 : Go to Document Properties

Step 3 : Go to Server Tab

Step 4 : check allow server bookmart, Object,Report. It should be checked

after that deploy application on server and then check it

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Unable to Copy Objects or Share Bookmarks in Server


In QVS v 9 you can check two boxes that has to do with Allow Server Collaboration (QEMC->System->Setup->QlikView Servers->Documents, page 140 in QVS Ref Manual). This has to be done if you are using QVS and Publisher to distribute your documents. You also have to allow this on the document as well as mentioned befor. Might worth cheking this.

best regards,


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