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Unable to launch .qvw files

Hi guys,

I've recently been involved in setting up a new virtual server, running Qlikview 10. Everything was running smoothly until recently I've been encountering a bit of an issue when trying to open .qvw files.

I can view the cubes from Windows Explorer, but when I double-click the file, nothing is happening. I've checked the processes in Task Manager, and qv.exe is there but the application fails to launch. Eventually the loading icon stops and I receive a network error. However, I don't believe this to be the problem. I think something might not be right with my Qlikview application.

The main reason I have came to this conclusion is that by going to C:\Users\**username**\AppData\Roaming\QlikTech\QlikView and deleting the settings file, I can then open .qvw files. However, once I close Qlikview and attempt to reopen a .qvw, I receive the same error message and am unable to do anything unless I go back and delete the settings file.

Deleting the settings file shouldn't be a daily task. Has anybody encountered anything similar or would have some troubleshooting advice they could offer?

Much appreciated,


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