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Unstable Qlikview Server

Dear All,

We have a qlikview server setup on the virtual server using VMWare wit the hardware resources given below. But we are facing stability problem where the qlikview server always no response, it happens almost once a day. Mostly we need to restart the server to make it works again. When the server is down. we will see a message "No Server" in the qlikview console (refer second photo). Restart the qlikview services doesn't help and we need to restart the virtual server.

Secondly, Is the hardware resources allocated for qlikview sufficient? FYI, we have few report actually running 24 x 7 by displaying using the IE.. Would it cause this unstable issue?


no server.jpg

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Re: Unstable Qlikview Server

Some questions:

  • What is the memory status in Task Manager->Performance when the QVS services gets stuck?
  • Did you follow QlikView Server virtualisation best practices before launching your QlikView Server in a VM?

BTW we can't give you advice on CPU/Memory requirements if you don't tell us more about your situation: how many concurrent users? how many documents and what is their uncompressed size? Etc.


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Re: Unstable Qlikview Server

Hi Peter,

1) Memory status looks normal when there is 'No server' message.

2) Our qlikview server was setup by the qlikview authorised support so i assume they have it set up correctly. Any important things we need to take note for setting up the qlikview on VM?

Concurrent user : around 15

Total file is : 23

File size range : 186kb - 57mb

Please see the attached. Actually due to constantly server down. We are thinking would the problem resolved if we migrate it out from the VM to an actual server


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Re: Unstable Qlikview Server

Hi Peter,

I just monitor the server again. To correct what i replied in the previous message.

The server now down and before it went down. The CPU and memory usage is almost hit the limit. and i notice QVS.exe takes up huge memory

cpu usage.png+

Beside that, not only the 'No server' error message. We now encountered a error message "ALL services are down"

services down.png

Re: Unstable Qlikview Server

I see that you have reloads running during the day. Usually QVS does not consume all of a machines memory on its own (there is a safety margin, the so called High Working Set Limit). Your machine probably hasn't got enough memory to service users and perform reloads of large documents at the same time.

The solution will probably be as simple as: increase the main memory of your VM to at least 24GB (an old rule of thumb for small QVS installations). Monitor server performance to see whether this still isn't enough.



Re: Unstable Qlikview Server

Hi Chee,

8gig of memory is not that much for a Qlik Server. Remember that Qlik is an in memory tool and all the data is loaded in memory when the document is open. I would increase the memory in the machine.  I run 32 gig in my laptop and I have issues at times.


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Re: Unstable Qlikview Server

Thanks all.

We will increase the memory based on the suggestion. Anyway, i just monitor something this morning.

The qlikview consumes lots of memory even there is no running job in the scheduler. As you can see the memory usage is almost hit to limit when there is no running job

2) Secondly, i noticed the QVS.exe consumes 2320628k of memory as shown in second screenshot

Is that normal and how we could improve this part?



Re: Unstable Qlikview Server

You should make a distinction between the different parts of a QlikView Server software. They all have their own ruleset with respect to memory/cpu usage. The most important ones that you can identify in Task Manager are the following (the shorter the process name, the more dangerous )

  • QVS.exe - this is the real QlikView server that loads and manages documents in memory and sends objects and data to the end-users. QVS grabs as much memory as possible (up to the High Working Set limit which can be 90% of all RAM - see QMC->System->Setup->QlikView Server->Perofrmance). QVS has it's own memory manager and almost never releases memory. This is normal.
  • QVB.exe - this is a headless reload engine that executes load scripts. This process uses memory on top of QVS.exe. 1 parallel reload = 1 separate QVB.exe process that grabs as much memory as it needs, but will release all memory when done.

You should always configure enough memory so that both QVS can service all your users, and all your reload jobs can run at the same time. Some memory usage measurements may be due before you know exactly how much memory your QlikView machine really needs.



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Re: Unstable Qlikview Server


If you still have a support it's better to address the issue to them since you provide not enough information to give some advices, we can only make assumptions since the solution may vary from a necessity to have a separate servers with Publisher and QVS to a need to optimize your apps. By the way, there can be an issue with .shared files, we managed with the same issue by their removal only.

Also I agree with the fact the 8Gb is to less for QVS and this is the first to start from.

Best regards,


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