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Upgrade to v9.0


We are on v8.5 and currently use the IE Plug-in. As preparation for the move to v9.0 and AJAX ZFC, we are testing our current applications on v9.0 test server. However we are facing the following issues when the screens are rendered in ajax zfc

1. Totals in tables appear on the Top Row even when specified to show as the Last Row.

2. Objects overlap when viewed through IE.

These objects view perfectly in QlikView developer but show these problems when viewed in IE. We are at a loss on how to troubleshoot.

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Upgrade to v9.0

We use the AJAX client exclusively in our 8.5 environment, which we're working on upgrading to 9.0. I found that the AJAX rendering doesn't match Developer one-for-one. You can use the Objects Client Generator from the Tools menu to preview the AJAX in Developer (I hope that's still there in 9.0). After tweaking your objects in Developer you should be able to get them to line up the way you want, for the most part.

Re: the subtotals on 1st row, I think we've been able to toggle that from 1st to Last in 8.5 AJAX without problem, so I'm not sure about that one.