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Upgraded QVS from v10 to 11.2 - but Access Point didn't change?

HI All,

Our server was upgraded yesterday, from version 10 to 11.2 SR5.  Everything appeared to have worked ok, except that the Access Point didn't update.  I've previously tweaked the file C:\Program Files\QlikView\Web\index.htm to add some simple branding and pretty things up, and the same page was still being used after the upgrade.

Also, the page was throwing a javascript error along the lines of "'Qva.Modal.instance' is null or not an object", and only showing the header.  I found the page http://community.qlik.com/thread/55571 which also mentioned this error, and added "new Qva.Modal();" into the index.htm.  This sorted the problem in terms of the Accesspoint showing reports to users again, but I'm not sure it was necessarily a valid fix 😉

Has anyone run into this before?  Did our IT folk miss something when performing the upgrade which meant the access point wasn't changed?



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Re: Upgraded QVS from v10 to 11.2 - but Access Point didn't change?

This is now sorted.  A brief overview in case its of any use to anyone who ever encounters this.

Although my 'fix' above meant the Accesspoint continued to work, users were encountering problems with loading the page - it would display the static HTML portions, but non of the content created by javascript was showing.  Refreshing the page would usually bring up the full content.

I downloaded Fiddler which showed that on the initial load, several .js files were being requested which weren't present on the server, hence the problems with the loading of the complete page.

Next, I took the server installation file (QlikViewServer_x64Setup.exe) and extracted its contents using 7-zip.  This dumped all the files into a single folder. 

I then located the index.htm file, which has clear differences in the javascript being loaded compared to my existing version, so I simply moved this onto the access point which gave me the "new look" Accesspoint.  Everything seems to work fine now.