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Upgrading QV 11.2 to QV 12


I'm thinking about upgrading our QV environment to QV 12, mostly because of the new engine.

We have quite large models, and currently when users open all of them it takes about 75% of the server RAM.

I'm not clearing the memory during the day because it takes to long to upload the models back to memory, just once a night.

My questions:

- is the new engine (which I have a good experience with in my sense server) suitable for large models? will it help manage the memory more efficiently?

- Does anyone have some advices on upgrading to QV 12? will it be seamlessly? anything that need to be done prior to the upgrade? (except backup obviously).

Thanks a lot in advance!


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Re: Upgrading QV 11.2 to QV 12

Anat, there are some issues with 12 SR1, so don't install this release for now.

QlikView 12 Service Release 1 is now available

QV12 IR seems to be working fine, though.

Regarding the upgrade process, I am not sure if there is an update to existing QV upgrade and migration document you can find here in the forum, but in case you don't find an updated one, go through the old version and the current release notes.

The new engine should be able to handle large amounts of data at good as the old one, maybe better.

See Henric's comments here on some internal changes




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