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Upgrading from QlikView 10 to QlikView 12

We are upgrading from QlikView 10 to QlikView 12.

The biggest questions are around the timing of which upgrades to do first. 

We have QlikView servers that need to be upgraded from Ver 10 to 12, and a set of users accessing QVWs on this server using the IEPlugin version 10 need to upgrade to 12, and a smaller subset of users with the full desktop client version 10 needing to go to 12.

We need to know, if we upgrade the servers first, will users with the old IEPlugin still be able to access the applications without trouble before they are upgraded? 

Also, if a user is still on version 10 desktop, will they be able to use a QVW on version 12 server?

Does everything need to be upgraded at the same time?

Can we upgrade the IEPlugin Users to ver. 12 first and can they still run things on a ver. 10 server?

If a version 12 desktop saves a file out to the 10 server, will there be problems?

What order do you recommend, and what problems do we need to be concerned with?

Also, have any of you had any experience around the coversion of the ".shared" or ".meta" files?  Are we going to have trouble with corruption?

Are there any other things you have come up against that I need to consider?

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Re: Upgrading from QlikView 10 to QlikView 12

Wow, quite a lot of questions. I'll try to answer a few:

As long as the documents (QVWs) don't use new features provided by the QV12 release, users of older clients (either v10 IEPlugin or v10 Desktop won't notice the difference. Except for the thousands of bugs that have been fixed between v10 and v12.

Best practice dictates that you should upgrade all software components to their v12 counterparts as quickly as possible. Start by upgrading the servers. Since the IEPlugin cannot be had as a separate download anymore, you would need to install the v12 servers anyway before you can get hold of the new IEPlugin installer.

I think you can still use the QlikView Upgrade & Migration Document. See Attachment.



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