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Uploading file to QlikView mobile

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to qlikview and have created a dashboard using Qlikview personal edition. I would like to view the dashboard on the mobile app. Does anyone know how to upload the file onto the mobile.qlikview.com access point?


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Hi Britney

First of all if you want to see your app, in your acces point, you have to install the Qlikview Server.

your personal edition qlikview desktop helps to develop your dashboard but if you want to share and put in the web, you have to have license to install qlikview server.

I attached some pdf to help you in your mobile design and develop

hope help

Fernando K.


Are you using any Responsive extension? OR You want to show this application on mobile also. If you want to see this application @Mobile then you need to contact Specific response Mobile Applications

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I believe mobile.qlikview.com is run by Qlik to demo its product and you won't be able to upload your app to this site.

You would need to publish your QlikView app to a QlikView server, but this would require a license.

You can look into QlikSense though, where you should be able to access your app after publishing it to the cloud.