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Usage CAL license

Hi, I have a customer with a limited amount of USAGE CALs and wants to have a way to monitor them to find out how many times/users have been rejected because there's no Usage CAL available.

Is there an app to report that? How many times a user has been rejected access? Besides knowking how many Usage CALS I have/use/free?


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Re: Usage CAL license


The governor dashboard can help you with that. This feeds from server logs, which includes the information you looking and the dashboard make it easy to read:The QlikView Governance Dashboard | Qlik


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Re: Usage CAL license

Thanks Giuseppe,

I can't find any information on the USAGE CALS. I'm looking in the Sessions

tab, but there´s no way to differentiate USAGE from DOCUMENT Cals, or is it?

And I´m not sure if "no access because no Usage Cal is available" messages

are registered at all in the logs. Do you know?


On Wed, Oct 15, 2014 at 3:27 PM, Giuseppe Novello <qcwebmaster@qlikview.com>

Re: Usage CAL license


are you talking about utilization of License or

Use of usage Cal (as a license)

have a look at governance dashboard



system monitor

QlikView Application: System Monitor v5.1.23



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Re: Usage CAL license

I mean the utilization of the "usage cal", different from Document and

Named cals.

I have checked the Governance Dashboard v 1.0 and couldn't find that info.

I will download the newer 1.1 version you mentioned in your link


On Thu, Oct 16, 2014 at 3:16 PM, Ashfaq Mohammed <qcwebmaster@qlikview.com>

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