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Usage/Session CAL limitation

Hi everybody,

i got a question about the number of usage and session CAL which are use in 2 cases :

How many session CAL are use if I open a document , only for 5 minutes, and I open an other juste after ?

And with an usage CAL, if I open one same document, for 5 minutes too today et tomorrow?

I think 2 for the 2 case but I need confirmation.

Thanks for your answer,


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Usage/Session CAL limitation

Which version of QVS are you using?  There are differences in how they handle CALs.

For Session CALs:

In Version 9 the CAL usage has a minimum time of 30 minutes, irrelevant of the time the use has the document open.  If the user opens another document, then another CAL is consumed.

In Version 10, the CAL is monitored at the user/computer level, so you can open as many documents as possible and only consume a single CAL.  The 30 minute minimum is still in effect.

Hope this helps,


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Usage/Session CAL limitation

usage cal is used once in 28 days only 1 hour .it is usedful for monthend application. session cal can be reassined after a user close the session.

i think this will clear  You about Session and usage cal



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Re: Usage/Session CAL limitation

Hi mickael,

Usage CAL is designed to use for overflow usage during peak times. A Usage CAL allows 1 user to have access to 1 QV Document(session) for 1 hour over a 28 day period. So ifa user use 1 Usage CAL for 1 hour, it becomes inactive and is not reset(recover) until the 28 day period has passed.


"n" Usage CAL

          → From the following day, n/28 numbers of Usage CAL will be recovered

          ・ ・ ・ ・

          → After 28 days, "n" numbers of CAL is recovered and available to use

Usage CAL count example

eg.1:Let's assume you have 1 Usage CAL. You used it and the counter starts.

→ After 1 day, counter becomes 1/28. After 2 days, counter becomes 2/28. After 5 days, counter becomes 5/28.........After 28 dyas, counter becomes 28/28. At this count(28 day period has passed), 1 CAL is recovered.

eg.2:Let's assume you have 5 Usage CAL. You used all and the counter starts.

→ After 1 day, counter becomes 5/28. After 2 days, counter becomes 10/28. After 6 days, counter becomes 30/28≒(Available 1 Usage CAL at this point)............After 28 days, counter becomes 140/28. At this point(28 day period has passed), 5 CAL is recovered.

So it is good to use when additional users will be accessing QlikView during peak times such as month/year-end closing or promotional campaigns.

With all the best,

Kaung Myat Tun