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Contributor II
Contributor II

User cannot view the report

Hi Everyone,

I need your expertise on Qlikview server deployment, some of my users are having trouble accessing the report. I already added them in the ff.

Documents > Authorization > Users Authorized to Access Document as Named Users.

Documents > Document CALs > Assigned Users.

Some of the users are able to view the report but some cannot.

I already tried adding them to >Systems > Licenses > Qlikview Server > Client Access Licenses (CALs) > Assigned CALs > Assigned Users to check if they were able to view the report but the result is still the same. By the way i'm using DMS mode.

Thanks in advance.

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary


You should use "Allow all users" instead of "Named Users".

Documents > Authorization > Users Authorized to Access Document as Named Users.

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the QlikView license to a document and the access to a document by publisher or windows rights are two different things.

You may see an app in the accesspoint but you can't open it without license and you may have a document cal but you can't see it.

Do you have publisher licensed?



Digital Support
Digital Support

Given you are using the Authorization tab, that should mean the QVServer is running in DMS security mode, which if that is correct, the key thing to understand is the Authorization check is a string comparison in what is in the Authorization tab, so if what is coming from the Web browser of the client does not exactly match the string stored in the Authorization tab settings, they user will not have access.  If you are using Groups, be sure the groups are being resolved for the users, you can check this in the QVWS logs set to High verbosity, you should be able to see the groups being returned for the users there.  About the only theory of which I an think that would fit what you describe.  


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