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User friendly URL with QV 12 and IIS8

Hi all,

Im using qv 12 with IIS8 and want to create user friendly URL's to the reports. This is easy using the QVWS but how to do it with IIS8?

I did install "URL rewrite" but haven't managed to create the rules that I want.

All our reports have a code like this XXXX01, XXXX02 and so on. With QVWS I created URLs like this: servername/XXXX01 and configured a physical path to a HTML file that contained the correct URL to the report. Any suggestion how I could achieve the same with URL rewrite in IIS8?

Any suggestions are appreciated.



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Re: User friendly URL with QV 12 and IIS8

check this document

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Re: User friendly URL with QV 12 and IIS8

Thanks! But this doesn't work and I think using the IIS8 functionality - "URL Rewrite" - might be a better solution