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Vbscript in QMC

I am trying to call the vbscript in the QMC . It shows the task has started and ended without any errors and also no output. i tried it based on this QlikView community post http://community.qlik.com/message/169884#169884

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Re: Vbscript in QMC

Can you test it at the command line first before scheduling it in QMC ?

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Re: Vbscript in QMC

Hi Bill,

I tested it locally. It is working well and getting the expected result.

In QMC i tried as bat file. but it is keep on running never ends.

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Re: Vbscript in QMC


Is this unticked in your QV Desktop? It should be ticked.


Re: Vbscript in QMC

A couple of suggestions.

1. Pipe the console output to the file   > log.txt

2. Check the windows event log, Application section, for error messages.


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Re: Vbscript in QMC

Thanks Johansson.

The VBscript i am trying to run in the QMC is not to reload the QVW file.

It is used for the below functionality

1.Open the QVW file

2. export to excel

3. Close the QVW file.

I have one more vb script which is not related to QVW file is getting executed in the QMC without any issues.

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