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Webticket - slow post


We managed to set up webticket using 2 machines - one with only QVWS and one with QVS+QVWS.

The webticket is issued in the machine with only the QVWS.

We get back the webticket but it takes almost 30 seconds. After entering the model it works well.

The model is up in the RAM.

There is no firewall between the two servers.

It seems like the problem is with the webticket data coming back from QV.

Does anyone knows what might be the cause?

Is there a way to create the webticket using machine A and use it in machine B?


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Re: Webticket - slow post

Hi again

The delay takes exactly 30 seconds - meaning most probably a timeout.

Any ideas?


Re: Webticket - slow post


Try this changing the server name and see how long it takes to get the ticket. If this comes back fast, then it could be something with your code.

http://YOURSERVERNAME/QvAjaxZfc/GetWebTicket.aspx?cmd=<Global method="GetWebTicket"><UserId>qv11\User1</UserId></Global>


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