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Weird issue with task when splitting server


I split my qlikview server into 2 servers: 1 is for QVS and one for publisher.

In order to keep all setups and tasks we cloned the original server, and the clone became the publisher server.

The issue I'm facing, is that some tasks that were in disabled mode, I changed them to be enable, but for some reason they are "jumping" between enabled and disabled!

Here is my configuration for the 2 servers:



I load the tasks XMLs into a QVW and when selecting the problematic task and reloading it is sometimes enable=true and sometimes enabled=false.

Here is what I see in the QMC of server2 that runs the ReloadEngine:

What can be the cause? what is updating the tasks?

I tried to change the name of the Distribution service folder on the other server and that didn't work.



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Re: Weird issue with task when splitting server


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Re: Weird issue with task when splitting server


Try to create a new task and execute it.

Re: Weird issue with task when splitting server

You have way too many services running now. The DSC should reside on only one machine or be switched to clustered mode. If you don't have a cluster license, there is no use running two QVS because sooner or later one will shut down (using the same license isn't allowed) Two QMS services will wreak havoc for sure because they will each manage their own task database and try to pull the Distribution Service in their direction (probably the cause of tasks going haywire)

My adivce:

on server srv-its-qview, stop all services except QVWS and QVS

on server srv-its-qview2, stop all services except for QMS, DSC and the Reloadengine (QDS = Distribution Service).

then reconfigure the entire set-up in your single QMC.

If you want to split your services in a decent way, start over and follow the instructions in QV 11 Upgrade and Migration Document.pdf


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Re: Weird issue with task when splitting server


Why have you kept DSC Service in both the servers??  Kindly check the design of your architecture.

Also, this could be license related issue. You can try clear and reapply license from QMS where QDS is running.

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Re: Weird issue with task when splitting server

There are a few things here that could be your issue.

Since you made a clone of your server,witch is not really nessesarry. And as other have pointed out, as long as you dont have a cluster license you should only run one instance of each service.

The absolutly simplest way to do this is the following:

If Server1 is you current working server, then reinstall Server 2 and have it run a clean installation of Windows server.

Then install Qlikview Server on Server 2 and only install QVS and QVWS on that machine.

Create an Accesspoint folder on Server 2.

On Server1, stop the QVS and QVWS and disable the services.

In the QMC (on Server1) point the "Qlikview Server" and "Web Server" to Server 2.

The new QVS will be unlicended, so go ahead and license it (and add CALs if you want).

Edit the Qlikview Server Settings and point to the new Accesspoint Folder (the one on Server2)

Edit your Distribution Tasks so that they distibute to Server2.

Reload all your documents.