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What If- Sensitivity Analysis

Hi everyone,

I've this requierement: Sentitivity Analysis. In order to achieve it, I need to let the user Enter some input data.

What my client want is a table, with the following fields And the possibility to alter one of them (Real Incomes) to see how will behave the company if the Real Incomes of certains Accounts vary.

                      Account  |   Budget  |   Real Incomes |  Difference (Budget- Real Incomes)






          TOTAL:                |    X          |          X               |               X

So far, the number of accounts are Fixed, So what I have in mind is to create a variable for each of the accounts and that the field TOTAL is calculable according to the set of variables.

But, I would like to know if there is another way to achieve it, an efficient one And friendly graphicaly, maybe througt a table and not througt separated text fields.

Thxs in advance!