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What are the right holistic Qlikview components to be deployed for the best Scalability?

Hi , 

There are so many components for QlikView.

If we want to have the best-optimized scalability for any aspect of performances like consuming map data via Geoanaltyic and loading data from database.  Assume there is a sufficient specification on-promise server. Is this the right combination of QlikView components for best-optimized scalability: Qlikview sever +Qlikview publisher/Qlikview Nprinting + Geoanalytics Server +Qlikview Management Console+ etc ...?

And how is this combination running on the server with distinct functionalities of these QlikView components meaning how they associate of each other on server?  for example, there is on-premise cloud server, what is the distinction amongst qlikview server, Geoanalytics server and on-premise server and what are the benefits to have QlikView server on top of on-premise server?  And Can we use Qlik Management console to set up maximized memory , CPU , and clusters for the best-optimized scalability ?


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