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What is DOCUMENT in QlikView?

What is a document in QlikView to which DOC CALs are assigned, is it same as QVD?    

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Re: What is DOCUMENT in QlikView?

It's the QVW file.

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Re: What is DOCUMENT in QlikView?

that is the qlikview  application with .qvw extension

see the link and qvd is just as data format



Re: What is DOCUMENT in QlikView?

CAL is nothing but an CLIENT ACCESS LICENSE.

To connect to a QlikView Server (QVS), each client needs a Client Access License (CAL). The CALs are purchased with QlikView Server and tied to the server serial number.


     A Document CAL is assigned to a unique and identified user who may access only the one QlikView document to which the Document CAL is assigned.

Multiple Document CALs can be assigned to a particular user.

For example, if a user connects to two QlikView documents, the user will have been assigned two Document CALs.