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Which QlikView Server Profiles should I choose

Hi All,

we are running QVS on a Windows Server, and currently (v9) use the Access Point to access the dashboards.
I use the management console to schedule reloads and manage the list of CALs etc.
We are hoping to use iPads.

I have the option, when installing v10, of the following Profiles to install:

QlikView Server
Reload/Distribution Engine
Management Console
Web Server (IIS or QlikView Web Server)

on the other side I can choose 'Single Machine full installation'

Which should I choose to achieve the above functions? (basically how we are using it already, plus the use of iPad and Andriod apps.

Thanks in advance,


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Which QlikView Server Profiles should I choose

Single server, the others options are if you are installing peices on different servers.