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Which SR should I upgrade too? currently on SR3


I was looking to upgrade our QV server and  desktop installs to the latest version, but have come across an issue.

We installed SR9 desktop on a development machine. but found existing apps (even with minimal data) would crash when we tried to do things like 'add text in charts'.  I then downgraded that machine to SR8, but since found reports on here with a major bug in the calendar object.

Which version seems to be the most stable?  We are looking to add Direct Discovery functionality, but I don't want to jeopardize our production server or development desktops.

If you have had no issues with a later version then it would be good to hear which one.



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Re: Which SR should I upgrade too? currently on SR3

Hi Michael,

I would play it safe and liaise with your partner/support to help with your upgrade and to recommend based on your findings which version to go with.

Saying that I am using SR7 at the moment which seems quite stable, unsure based on your applications though if you would still get problems I'm afraid.


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Re: Which SR should I upgrade too? currently on SR3

Thanks Joe,

I'll give support a call tomorrow, but I can't help thinking that they'll recommend the latest SR as this should be the most stable, with the least amount of bugs - But, SR9 caused some apps to crash when performing simple tasks and SR8 introduced a new bug with the calendar.

I might go for SR7 anyway as that seems to be fairly stable and I think used amongst a few people from what I have read.  We've only left it this late, as I'm nervous about causing issues on our PROD server


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