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Workbench installation problem

Hi everyone, I am struggling for installing Workbench, and I am stucked at the "test URL" step. Please can you tell me what path I have to give?

By default, it shows http:\\<computer name>\QvAjaxZfc\

Is this a correct path? If yes, it should show success and proceed the installation of Workbench further. But I am getting an ERROR message at this stage. Please guide me.

Before that, I installed QlikView Desktop, QlikView Server at the location

C:\Program Files\QlikView\

I have also created a virtual directory at the location D:\QvAjaxZfc

Do I need to copy anything in this folder manually?

I can not start the QlikView server. How can I check whether my QlikView server has been installed properly or not? Do I need any license or something to start the server? And is this the reason I am failing to install Workbench?

Are there any licenses for Workbench also?

Any help would be highly appreciated. I didnt find detailed step-by-step guide to do this. Thanks