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Workbench installation problem

Hi everyone,

I have a problem occurring during Workbench installation.Please see the screenshot attached.

It says that "No version of Microsoft Visual Studio could be completely configured, even though valid versions of Visual Studio were detected on the system. For more information, see the Windows Installer log."

I have Visual Studio 2008 installed on my work station and am trying to install Workbench version 11 SP2(according to its manual, it should be compatible with the version of VS installed on my machine).

Any ideas why?

Any help will be much appreciated.

UPDATE: Attacehd Windows Installer log.



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Re: Workbench installation problem

I have recently seen this error and within install log it identified the "The language specified is not supported by any of the installed packages".

Visual Studio 2010 Professional had been installed with only:

Visual Web Developer

Microsoft SharePoint Developer tools

After amending the install of Visual Studio to also include "Visual C#" the install of Workbench completed without errors.