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Working with Image

Hi, i I have an image of a plane, and i want to used to mark which space is rented with red and which is free with green and show somo data about the space. How i can do it.

I attach the image.


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Re: Working with Image

Does this help:

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Re: Working with Image

Hi Victor,

try this...

Load your plan status using below script..


    Number, Rent Flag

    1, 1

    2, 0

    3, 1

    4, 0

    5, 0

    6, 0

    7, 1

    8, 1

    9, 1

    10, 1


1) keep you image at the background of one text box and keep that text box at the bottom level.

2)then create one text box for each block of plane with 2 rounded corners.

3) in the background color of text box use calculated color with the below expressions

for 1st block =if(sum({<Number={1}>}[Rent Flag])>0,Green(),red())

for 2nd block =if(sum({<Number={2}>}[Rent Flag])>0,Green(),red())

and so on for each block..

4)you can also add other information if you want as i added text inside each text box..

out put: