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access point requirement

Hi All,

  Wanted to check small thing about QV Access Point customization

1. We use to have list of apps/Thumbnail in Qlikview access Point.

2. Can we replace Name /or Thumbnail of application (QVW) With Just once Icon (Say there will be just one small icon for sales, I dont need Name ,full dashboard thumnail image in access point). It should be just one Icon in access Point .

3. User should  be able to click on this one small icon (No app/qvw name should be there below this icon) to open his app.

Is  this  customization is possible till this level. Changing Logos etc is Okay. Can we change it till that level.

  if Yes , can you please suggest how shall we go ahead.

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Re: access point requirement

I think you should ask Qlik to customize your access point then these content comes from various js-files. I believe they could be adjusted but it will be not a trivial task and it will probably touch some security issues so that a professional help will be cheaper then some own trial and error on this.

- Marcus

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Re: access point requirement

Hi Marcus,

Can you please suggest how it might affect the security.



Re: access point requirement

There is for example a section access feature to filter the documents within the access point on the basis of the autorizations in the section access table - I don't know how these feature is implemented but I could imagine that these or other security measures could be bypassed or violated by adjustments on the access point. Therefore my suggestion to consider professional help.

- Marcus

Re: access point requirement

Yes, you can. Have a look in file  C:\Program Files\QlikView\web\js\accessPoint.js. It's all in there, in one of the very first functions. You may want to run this file through an on-line JavaScript beautifier first.Then do a text search for some of the strings that are present underneath every thumbnail, like "Last update" or "view details".

How to start? By learning JavaScript I guess. The entire AccessPoint landing page is scripted, just like Marcus said. Do not touch if you don't know what you are doing. Debugging this kind of code can be very time-consuming.

And make sure that if you change this default file, you make a backup copy. The next QVS update will almost certainly overwrite your modifications.



Re: access point requirement

QVS does this, not the AP code.

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