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alternate option for above()

Is there any alternate option for above()?

By using above() function, the chart becomes static - position dependent.

Further slice and dice is not possible.

Please suggest some way. I read another thread about SET Analysis, but I've not yet used SET Analysis.

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alternate option for above()


It depends very much on what kind of chart you want to display. Inter-record functions will work in both pivot and straight tables, but of course as you are referring to positions (above, left, bottom...) if your dimension or expression changes position, the formula will be affected.

On the other hand, set analysis may help of course, but please specify on what you want to get.



alternate option for above()

These sorts of problems can also often be solved with linkage tables that tie a record to the "above" record. I can't get much more specific without knowing what you want, though.

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alternate option for above()

Thanks a lot for all replies.

I'll try - check wheteher I can solve my issue with linkage tables.

If I couldn't, will revert back.

Thanks for your time.

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