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anybody got a cheat sheet to publish qlikview to windows server


Have developed a qlikview document.  however how do you submit this

to the qlik server so users can see/play/test and check if it is correct...etc.

Meaning same functionality you expect in the qlikview tool

ie drilldown...dimensions ...see all the dashboards..etc.

I am not sure where to look to do this.




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Re: anybody got a cheat sheet to publish qlikview to windows server

OKAY found something.

It is overly complicated process.  More difficult to publish than build a qvw document.

To share a document, so other users can view, takes longer than development.

Also the downside of qlikview compared to qliksense (100 times better). it only works on windows.

so this is a limitation.

Step 1) You need access the the QCM.  So you need to ask someone priviledge who has access.

address will be something like this

https://servernameSmiley Tongueortnumber/QMC/SourceDocuments.htm


Step 2) you need to be able to copy the qvw document and related input files to the server.

This I cannot help with.

Step 3) click on the qvw document.  It will have the extension .qvw  and click on the green plus sign


Step 4) It is now called a 'Task Scheduler'   - Well every time you have new files or need to run the scripts... so really it is not an app but a report.


Then there are dozen of tabs to work with....  Will update the second part later.

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Re: anybody got a cheat sheet to publish qlikview to windows server

so add in task name and description.

step 5) document Info - this is a category setup by QCM Admin people.  It is also location as well where the report will go


Step 7) Triggers.  Well lets just do adhoc for now. run once.


My advice...change the start date for a few minutes later.

now thats done ...switch to 'Status' bar

Step 8) check the task is run.  But you can always run it yourself again.


On the right hand side.  This shows all the task run history and who has access.


Step 9) Well we have not see the 'Report' or 'App'.  So you need to go to the portal to login

for this.  This could be a different location.  This is controled in the 'QCM Admin people' in the category (Step 5)..which tells it where to go.

portal would be a web address running IIS or something that only works on Windows.


you should be able to see the report/app you have just published with the extension name .qvw and the screen page.

thats it..   Maybe more than 9 steps.. but this the simplist cheat sheet I came up with.

Good Luck. what is likely to go wrong is windows access issues

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