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can Qlikview really worked with Ajax with security access?

We are using ajax client to access QV application. We created several QV files and published the QV files in QV server. Due the secruity reason, plug-in is not allowed. We have to access the QV portal using ajax client.

The QV files are accessed by input user name and password. To access each file, user is prompt to input user name and password each time. In order to do single sign-on, we created a single ASP worb portal. Since we have to do row level security contral, we have to pass the user name and password to the QV server. We use Xsername and Xpassword in the url. But the stupid things is: if user copy the url, he can access the QV anytime, which is not acceptable. Then we using iframe in asp to hide the url. But crazy thing happened again. QV can't get the user name and password from iframe.

How to get rid of the xuser name and xpassword in url and at the time have row level security control?

We are using QV 9. We consult QV agent, they have no way.

If it doesn't work, our client may uninstall QV from the server. Any advice is appreciate. Thanks a lot.

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can Qlikview really worked with Ajax with security access?


I would change your QlikView server to use DMS authentication - pushing the authentication to QlikView rather than NT.

Then, modify your ASP portal to make a call to the QvsComRemote.dll to authenticate the user (documented in the v9 QVS reference manual). The QvsComRemote generates a single use ticket which you then append to your URL. This ticket expires immediately if not used and is only valid for one session. Even if they copy the URL with the ticket again, it can't be re-used.



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