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cannot share a user report

Must be something simple...

I've got a report created in a local qvw file.

The qvw file runs also in a server (SBE, 9 SR6)

In a full client (both locally connected as via the server), I can see the report. I copied it also as a user report.

The text shows to move it to the server. But it's grey and I cannot click it as it says in the help file.

How can I share my new report to other users?

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Johan Vermeulen

K3 Business Solutions

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cannot share a user report

If you check the QlikView Server reference manual you will find this is a restriction of SBE.

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cannot share a user report

Does this mean, that with a SBE, you cannot share any reports to the users?

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cannot share a user report

some othe way exist to share report like export yout all chart or table to ppt ot excel and send that file to user to whom you want to share report.
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AW:Re: cannot share a user report

that's right, with an SBE you can't share objects