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changing access restriction user in server mode

Hi all,

i just published a qlikview report with an "access restriction" security to create diffrent users with diffrent acess levels.

everything works fine, until one of the users who looged in to the system, decides to login with a diffrent user:

Since the toolbar doesnt sugset any option to disconect, or changing the connected user, the user will click Intuitively on the "back" button (in the browser) - the login screen will apper. but unfortunately, after login with a diffrent user, the data remains the same as for the previous user.

when using "refresh" (or reopening the browser) instead of "back button" it works fine.

the problem exist on most type of browsers.

i will be happy for any solution, or maybe Someone knows if this were fixed on a nower version (my version is 9 sr 4).



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changing access restriction user in server mode

I sugest you try in QV10 to see what happens.

But you may use a buton with an action to close the document named "change user".

Remember that you can grant access for this user to both profiles simply associating his username with the profiles he uses and letting he selects the active user in a screen listbox. This looks easier since he may change the profile without closing the document or navigating to another page.



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changing access restriction user in server mode

thank you, i add a button with the close document command, but when working in server mode, the button doesnt work (when working on desktop the button closed the document)


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