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document cals / user privileges

Hello I'm working on a virtual server

I had a document and added to it a task that reduces data and distributes each reduced document to specific domain users

however whenever any of these users tries to access the distributed document they get access denied because no user cal is assigned to the user account

Shall I add these domain users to the QlikView Administrators group on the virtual server or what shall I do to pave the way for these users to access their distributed documents?

please advise

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document cals / user privileges

Hi Ali,

There are four different types of CALs available:

1) Named CAL (an identified user on a server) – Access is based on user identity and valid for all

documents on the server, that is any number of concurrent sessions from one user on one machine at

a time is allowed.

2) Document CAL (an identified user within a given document) – Just as above, the access is based on

user identity, but the CAL is valid only for one document. If the same user connects to two

documents using this licensing method, he will hence consume two Document CALs.

3) Session CAL – Each Session CAL allows one user on one computer to access QlikView documents,

that is any number of concurrent sessions from one user on one machine at a time is allowed.

Anonymous users are allowed, no identification of the client user is necessary.

4) Usage CAL – Each Usage CAL gives the right to initiate one session (single document) per running

28-day period. The session may last a maximum of one hour. Any activity after the first hour has

expired will count as a new session (albeit without visible interruption). No identification of the

client user is necessary.

The Priority will be assigned first for named cal followed by document cal.

I believe you consume all named cals.

You can verify that by logging into QEMC

qemc--> system --> License --> select qlikview server --> client access cals CALS --> general.

You can see the list of Cals assigned to each users.

I suggest you to remove unnecessary cal assigenment by default.

or if you have document cals. Then

Go to documents tab --> user Documents --> select tha application you wana give  access to --> go to Document cals and assign Document cals to this application.

If not you may order for some new License.

Hope that helps