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finding newly added and repetitive users


From the audit logs that qlikview creates, it is possible to identify users who accessed various documents. 

1. On a monthly basis, I want to find out who all users repeatedly use the application (a repetitive user is a user who accesses the document in the last and the current month)

2. Secondly, what was the count of new users added (by new users, I mean a user who didn't use the application in the last month and is now using the app in the current month)

What will be the best way to get these answers.

Any pointers, please.


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finding newly added and repetitive users

You can start with the System Monitor (aka Ops Monitor) QVW document. This will be version specific, so be sure to download the proper one. Once you configure to your environment (basically specifying where the log files are located) you can customize to add any feature you want, although there is a lot already built in.

You can download the System Monitor document from the following link:


You may also want to post in the Server/Publisher community to get more responses.


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finding newly added and repetitive users

I am already using system monitor .

Sure will post this in that forum as well.


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