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hostname server

Hi to everyone!

I need a help! I have a SBE qlikview server ver.9 installed on a server machine that has the hostname x.

We didn't want to change the hostname of the server machine. so we created an Alias y on the DNS that links to the Qlikview server machine.

If i access the Qlikview access point using the hostname x of the server machine all works correctly (i.e: http://x/qlikview).

If i use the alias to access the Qlikview access point (i.e. http://y/qlikview), the automatic login doesn't work in many situations and in many times the access point page is blocked.

i don't know if having a hostname different from the alias used to access the access point creates some problems. i see on the qlikview console that in every fields it is used the hostname x.

How can i solve my problem? I want just to access the access point using http://y/qlikview and i want that the automatic login works perfectly as when access the access point using http://x/qlikview.


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hostname server

Try putting that alias as a trusted site in your IE.

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hostname server

Thanks for the reply!

but unfortunatly it is just in the trusted site of IE.

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