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how to do single signon ?

Hi All,

Does anyone tried to implement Single SignOn in Qlikview ?

I have server (windows 2003) which contains users in active directory. I will have my QV Server ( windows 7 ) in my laptop. For the users in active directory, it should give single sign on. I mean authentication should not repeat again. While opening accesspoint and for section access, it should read from active directory.

Did anyone tried this before ? I was trying to implement kerberos, but i was not able to achieve.

Pls share if anyone tried before and share your comments

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how to do single signon ?

Why does no one answer these questions on single sign on?

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how to do single signon ?

Well, first, this a forum not the qlikview official support, most people joins whenever they have some time and posts on discussions they feel they have something to add that can be useful. It usually helps to get an answer to add as much information as possible upfront, like logs, screen captures, etc.

If you have not been able to find a satisfying answer here you can still contact you local partner/reseller/qlikview contact and ask them for guidance, you can also contact qlikview support or have them contact it for you.

Honestly I might have missed that, probably posted on a day I was too busy too look at the site.

I've never had any problems with single sign on using AD. It will be intresting to know more details on the issue like does single sign on work on applications not using section access? how is the section access defined in this application? etc.

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how to do single signon ?

Hi All

I have done with Single sign on in qlikview using Active directory.

Thanks for your comments and help.

Can you please let me know how to integrate with LDAP ??

There is option in Directory Service Connector as Local directory. Through which we need to fetch users and group from LDAP or how to integrate ??

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