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how to put => <Url>https://QVS.companyx.local:443/</Url> ?

I installed qlikview server version 9. I have no idea how to put this syntax in config.xml

This below detail are instruction in QlikView Server 9.00 Reference Manual.pdf

Make changes to config.xml for QlikViewHTTPServer to add the full URL used for SSL. The default location for the config.xml file is C:\Program Files\QlikView\Server\QvWebServer. Note that the URL must match the URL for which the certificate is valid.



1. where to put it in config.xml?

2. I found only config_x64.xml

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how to put => <Url>https://QVS.companyx.local:443/</Url> ?

if you are using a 64 bit version of Qlikview, then you should use the config_x64.xml. If not, the config.xml file you are looking for should be in:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\QlikTech\QvWebServer.

I'm not sure about the URL part but i believe you can put it in the beginning right after the <config> section starts. This guess is based on the observation that there is a <ConfigUrl> section and a <TunnelUrl> section in the 6th or 7th line so I would assume that's where any other <URL> section would go.

Hope this helps


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how to put => <Url>https://QVS.companyx.local:443/</Url> ?


Did this work? Can I paste the <Url>https://QVS.companyx.local:443/</Url> part right under the <config> tag?



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how to put => <Url>https://QVS.companyx.local:443/</Url> ?

HI did you resolved this issue? Where did you paste the url?

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