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how to read qlikview document in browser

Hi all,

I created one small qlikview application. i need to open that application and show via browser.

anyone could you please explain in details??

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Re: how to read qlikview document in browser


This is not really a Qlik Web Connectors question...

In order to view your QlikView app in a browser you will need to have QlikView Server as well.  Once this is installed and configured you simply have to drop your application in the correct folder on the server and it will be available on a URL.

If you have QlikView Server then I will happily give you advice on configuring it.  If you don't you will need to speak to a local Qlik partner regarding purchasing it, and they will certainly help you get up and running.

Unfortunately, as Qlik have removed the Small Business Edition of QlikView the entry point is very high.

If you don't have Server and want browser based analysis you should maybe look at Qlik Cloud ( www.qlikcloud.com ), which is an online hosted version of Sense, which is free to use initially and you can go to Cloud Plus for extra features or Cloud Business is coming soon.

Hope that helps.



Re: how to read qlikview document in browser


Thanks for your question, however, (and as Steve also pointed out), unless I'm mistaken your question is not relevant to Qlik Web Connectors. There are other more appropriate spaces and groups within the community.

As such, as per this page and in the interests of keeping information in this space related only to the Qlik Web Connectors, this post will be locked and it will eventually be removed.

Thanks for your understanding.

Oh, and Steve, thanks for your input.


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