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how to reload document using QMS API


We would like to reload a .qvw using the QMS API

This code explained here: http://community.qlik.com/thread/47997 does not work for us since I guess because we don't have the publisher license so we cannot pass the QDS ID

However, the following code works and reloads the document!

// Initiate backend client

var backendClient = new QMSClient();

// Get a time limited service key

ServiceKeyClientMessageInspector.ServiceKey = backendClient.GetTimeLimitedServiceKey();

// refresh document with task id = 7fb52271-6625-48d8-ba2f-a17127c4b5b0

backendClient.RunTask(new Guid("7fb52271-6625-48d8-ba2f-a17127c4b5b0"));

To do this I manually copy pasted the Task ID output from the Task Log, from the QlikView management Console, e.g.

(2012-07-04 12:20:30) Information: Starting task 'xx.qvw'. Id:61d6b167-01f7-4c3c-aaae-8a557a0fb7c5. Triggered by 'ScheduleTrigger'. Id:3518c856-f2ae-4ff7-8424-41819db8f835

(2012-07-04 12:20:30) Information: Entering Task Execution.

(2012-07-04 12:20:30) Information: ClusterID=1

(2012-07-04 12:20:30) Information: QDSID=3a12e466-2c80-5a0b-5486-8296623af820

(2012-07-04 12:20:30) Information: TaskID=7fb52271-6625-48d8-ba2f-a17127c4b5b0

(2012-07-04 12:20:30) Information: MaxRunTime=06:00:00

(2012-07-04 12:20:30) Information: Max attempts:1

(2012-07-04 12:20:30) Information: Current Attempt=0

Is there a way to get the task ID by document?

Note I tried many times with some methods of the QMSClient with no success.

E,g, this does not work for me, it returns an empty list, even if the document has one reload schedule:


Thanks in advance!

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Re: how to reload document using QMS API

I found that I can reload documents using an EDX Task

The downside is that I have to change my schedules to triggered by an external event

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Re: how to reload document using QMS API


  For your qdsid do you test the QDSID=3a12e466-2c80-5a0b-5486-8296623af820 ; line before the TaskID in the log reported?

  Other  way to get QDSID for Relaod Engine : XMLDBViewver from Qv Power tools (in Community) search for DistributionService field QDSID .


  May be that not all api returns results as expected, since you don't have Publisher Enterprise ( licensed) .

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