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license user change

Hello everyone,

Encounter some strange behavior on the qlikview server here when I try to change a user associated with a qlikview license.

Here the details:

I have a user with no license and just want to switch this user with one having a lic.

Therefore I delete (klick the red cross) and hit apply but the user isn't deleted. It's still there and the amount of used lics didn't drop which confirms no deleted user....Now if I try the same for a user that has never used its lic it works rightaway and I can delete this user and add the new one...

Since I am at the max of my lic I have to delete one to be able to add another one... This is Qlikview server 9 release 2

I have enabled the settings below:

Allow license lease
Allow dynamic CAL assignment

Anyone with simillar expierences? Would be great if you could share....



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Contributor III

license user change

if a CAL is used and you delete it it will be quarantined for approximately 24 hrs before you can properly delete it. this is to prevent abuse.

Honored Contributor

license user change

Dear Friend ,

There is no need to wail till 24 hours in qlikview 9 . when you delete cal it affect just within second.


Sunil Jain.

Contributor III

license user change

if that is true for a named cal that has been in use within the last 24 hours then it is a severe bug.